All work is performed by supervised senior students.

Tuesday is Senior Citizens Day. 10% Off all services for Senior Citizen Clients.*

Hairstyle Services
Shampoo Blow dry and Curl $20
~Wet Set/Wrap/Flat Iron
Shampoo Blow dry and Curl $25
~with Reconstructive Treatment
Shampoo Press and Curl $25 & up
Shampoo & Conditioner $5
Shampoo, Blow Dry & Conditioner $15
Finger Waves $20
Ponytail $25 & up
French Roll $25
Ponytail w/added Hair $30 & up
Spiral Curls $10 extra
Kids Pricing – SPC & Ponytails $20 & up
Single Layer $25 & up
Double Layer $35 & up
Crazy Braids $35 and up
Two Strand Twist $50
Comb Twists $35
Mohawk $35
Take Down $10 and up
Hair Additions
Quick Weave or 27 piece $45
Weave (sew-in) $65
Sew in Per Track $10
Bond Ear to Ear $5 per track
Hair Cuts
Trim w/ Service $5
Trim w/o Service $8
Style Cut $10
Chemical Texturizers
Chemical Relaxer Virgin $45
Chemical Relaxer Retouch $35
Partial Relaxer $18
Texturizer $35
Permanent Wave $40
Conditioning Treatments
Reconstructive Treatment $5
Scalp Treatment $5
Dandruff Treatment $5
Protien Treatments $10
Color Treatments
Virgin Single Process $40
Retouch 2″ New Growth $35
Full Highlights $45
Partial Highlights $25
Full Foil $45
Per Foil Service $2.50 Up to 4 foils
Corrective Hair Color $35 & up
Color Rinse $10
Makeup $10
Facial $10 & up
De-Stress Facial Treatment $25
1 1/2 Hour Relaxing Treatment
Arch – Wax $5
Chin/Lip Wax $3
Lashes $13 w/lashes
Hand and Foot Care
Manicure $10
Full Set $15
Fill In $12
Pink and White $15
Overlay $12
Soak Off $5
Pedicure $15
Polish Change $5
Nail Art $1 per nail
Nail Wrap $12
Paraffin Dip with Manicure $3


  • *Senior service discounts are given to all persons 58 years or older on any services prices over $5. Discounts do not apply to chemical series, braids or hair extensions.
  • **Long hair is considered any length past the chin line. For each 3 inches after should length, add an additional $7.
  • D&S School of Cosmetology, reserves the right to make changes to this price list without further notice.
  • All services are performed by supervised senior students.
  • Thank you again for your patience! Due to regulations, we do not allow any food items in the guest service areas. Thank you for you adherence to this policy. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with any part of your service, you must state you displeasure prior to leaving If you have stated that everything is fine, once you leave the premise, the school is under no future obligation to provide further services in relation to the service you received. At no time will any refunds be given. If you are not happy we will be happy to re-do or re-addign your service with another Scholar technician.